Garnish and Gold


That’s me, Sonal. Born and raised in North Carolina, USA, and living in British Columbia, Canada. It’s quiet the jump and I wouldn’t be here had I not met my wonderful husband.  In 2014, we took a chance. I left a career I was just getting comfortable in to take a chance on something that I was always taught to be necessity and far from a hobby or career became the source of my anxiety for the months leading up to it. In Fall 2014 I finally sat down and submitted my application to go to culinary school at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts; an application I had started and never finished dozens of times since the first time I saw the school in May 2011. Fast forward to today and here I am, a B.S. in Chemistry, and Diploma in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry graduate living in Canada on the other side of the continent from where I called the southern, sweet tea loving, land my home.

So this right here is a little corner for me to just let my creativity out. My husband is always amazed at how I seem to pull meal idea’s out of thin air- Not tooting my own horn here, but he’s my number one cheerleader and the only reason I was able to take the chance I did. I’m a lucky girl! But in all seriousness because I was raised in a very streamline Indian house, in terms of education, there was little room for creativity. If your grades weren’t excellent, well then just don’t even think about picking up anything else but your math and science book. I am completely grateful for that up bringing in many ways, but I’ve come to realize so many new things about myself this past year. There is a method to my thought process. Some of which I can talk about and explain, and others that I just sense and feel when I’m cooking.

I don’t know who is interested in this. Probably not many people, but I assure you my journey to where ever the end point may be is not the soul purpose of this. I love recipe sharing and if you love to look pictures of food (I sure as hell do!!!) and try new things then I promise you may find something here.