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Berry Jam

It’s August. August 2017! That means I’ve been out of college for 7 years. That also means that I’ve been married for 5 years. The craziest thing of all is that August 2017 means that my baby is 2 months old! Summer has flown by. It’s true when they say the days are long but […]

Apple Turnover

· Apple Picking at Willow View Farm ·

Most people will vote Christmas to be their favorite holiday- I know, I’m married to one of them. I on the other hand, represent Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I’m American and the holiday marks the kick off to Christmas, or maybe it’s because I get to cook and feed my family with all of their favorites […]

Lemon Tart

I think my body has appreciated the 8 month sugar detox I’ve gone through since pastry school ended. That’s not to say I’ve avoided sweets completely- come on, you’re talking to a chocolate addict here- but with the constant taste testing and snacking on cake scraps no longer available to me I don’t have afternoon […]

Power Bites

Happy Monday! This has been the weirdest summer I’ve ever experienced but I can’t complain because I’ve had pretty awesome hair this past few months- no humidity and cool days means I can wear my hair down with out any frizz or fuss. Although, with this strange weather, I’ve also had many day colds throughout […]

Spiced Honey

It’s a silly argument Darren and I have, but a real one at that. I don’t like to leave things on “we agree to disagree” terms which, I’ve learned, comes with relationships and marriage but I think that’s what it will have to be moving forward. Darren likes to call beer liquid gold, while I […]