Fig Panzanella

July 22, 2016 1 Comments

I can’t begin to explain how spoiled I’ve been this year with the freshest of the freshest produce available to me. My in-laws garden is just over flowing with veggies, greens, and fruit. I’m so grateful that I’ve learned to appreciate how fortunate I am to have access to this and my excitement can’t be contained. In fact, I think Darren has realized I get upset when he doesn’t share the same enthusiasm. I just need him to know…ya know?!

Check these figs out from my father-in-laws yard…


Because the tree is overflowing with these green gems, I made this quick panzanella salad last night when my in-laws came for dinner, and I couldn’t wait much longer to share it. I never get tired of seeing the bright magenta burst out of the figs when I cut them. They are so so so sweet and ripe that I had to carefully add them in at the end after the salad was tossed. I used day old green olive bread from Terra Breads, some red leaf romaine, cucumbers, red onions, a mix of feta and goat cheese, and tossed it all together in a simple lemon vinaigrette before serving. The figs were added at the end and that was that. Everyone loved it! It was the perfect way to use up half a loaf of day old bread with a slightly sweet and savory  salad. 

img_20160722_125827.jpgI don’t have a recipe for this salad. I really added ingredients together in a bowl of things I found in the fridge that I needed to finish up. I was hoping to have some cherry tomatoes to add so if you happen to try it with tomatoes let me know how it goes! Lemon vinaigrette was a better choice than a balsamic vinaigrette because it was subtle enough to dress the salad without bringing on other flavors. My theory is when you are having a salad where you want an ingredient to really shine- in my case the figs- go simple! It’s far too common that dressings over power and take over salads leaving ingredients masked. 

There are lots of different ways to make lemon vinaigrette. You may even go a little crazy when you want to find a recipe for one. I strongly encourage trying different recipes for dressings and vinaigerettes but keep this one thing in mind. Dijon mustard, acid, and oil is all you really need to make a vinaigrette. The additional ingredients will only add flavors and dimension to it. I was particularly a bit rushed when making this salad so a tablespoon of dijon mustard, juice of 1 large lemon, and about 1/3-1/2 a cup grape seed oil is all I used. I whisked the mustard and lemon juice together and slowly poured the oil in while whisking. Use what you need and refrigerate the rest up to a week. 

I have about 15 more figs in the fridge waiting for the next best fig recipe!


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