Foodie Friday: Bao Down

June 10, 2016 0 Comments

12 Powell St
Vancouver, BC V6A 1E7

I am so excited about sharing this place. The “best” is thrown out as a label of unachievable standard so much that I am lost for words as to how to call this place. To put it simply, I bring everyone that visits me to this place. Bao Down has never disappointed me with the level of consistency and uniformity in all of the bao it serves. Key word, CONSISTENCY! My two go-to bao are the Vevo and Two Worlds Collide. The Vevo, being a vegetarian option is a light yet completely satisfying choice. To put it this way, I plan on bringing my parents here when they visit. My dad is one of the most pickiest eaters I’ve met and I am 100% confident he will be over the moon about the Vevo. Flavor is not compromised at all. In fact I find it just as bold in all profiles as Two Worlds Collide. The tender, juicy, flaky pork belly between the billowy snow white bao is just…we need a moment of silence.


Okay! I think I’m done drooling. It’s heavenly! The sweet hoisen with the savory chicaron and veggies  is just melodious. You bite into the soft bao and through the tender meat as it begins to fall apart and melt right as you meet its counter crunch partner taking you to a new flavor dimension.


Vevo (left), Two Worlds Collide (right)

Don’t let me forget the setting of many of these glorious reunions. There are two locations for Bao Down, but my favorite is Gastown in downtown Vancouver. Right in the bustling intersection Water and Carrall, one of my most favorite places to people watch in Vancouver, makes my visits to Bao Down even more special. You almost forget the sky scraper city line behind you as you face a cobblestone streets and await the evening year round lights in the trees- something I will never grow tired of. If I ever get a visitor that I don’t take to Bao Down, I give you permission to disown me.


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