Foodie Friday: Milano Espresso Lounge

July 8, 2016 0 Comments

36 Powell St

Vancouver, BC V6B 2JY

(604) 558-0999

We are moved in and I guess we are as settled as we can be for the moment. Our new neighborhood is taking a bit to get used to but so far we love it! Gastown has always been a favorite of my husband from day one, and for me our cozy studio has definitely helped me feel more at home. I promise that my Foodie Friday posts won’t always revolve around Gastown, but because of this move we have been spending more time coming and going from here. Besides I can’t help the fact that there are just so many great places here- hence why we moved here.

Something I really missed even after countless hours spent doing this in college was going to a coffee shop and getting work done. I mean the sit down, head phones in, simple latte or coffee, and laptop kind of work.  Even though I’m not a big coffee drinker, these times were an exception. Whether it be for 30 minutes or hours, I think it’s apart of my Lakhani blood that makes me feel so comfortable to have that alone-work time to myself. It leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished something more than my regular to-do list for the day. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a coffee shop to do this, so after I finished unpacking all of our things this past week I decided to go around the block to Milano Espresso Lounge.

I packed my backpack, strapped it on, and went for my 2 minute walk to Milano Espresso Lounge…ONLY 2 MINUTES AWAY!!


Bad lighting, I know. I was sitting in the back.

I walked in a little nervous not knowing what to order but a quick friendly conversation with the hip barista with a studded black hat made the decision painless. I knew I wanted to try a dessert from the case- salted caramel brownie to be exact- so I went with a iced vanilla latte. Definitely the right choice as it wasn’t overly sweet like many others I’ve had in the past. The brownie was perfect: chewy, chocolaty, slightly salty, and rich. I think the biggest reason I left excited to come back was because they serve wine too. In true lounge fashion the modern seating, both long family style tables to individual tables and chairs, was very edgy, sophisticated, and relaxing.

I sat there long enough to see a variety of people come and go: single individuals like myself, two friends sharing cake and wine, business meetings, and a family with two small children. While I had a mission to get some bills straightened out, my procrastination was at its finest. The number one distraction of people watching is a hurdle/hobby I will always have.

Happy Friday!


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