Foodie Friday: Soft Peaks

July 15, 2016 0 Comments
 25 Alexander St
 Vancouver, BC V6A 1B2
Coming to you…again from Gastown. Just bare with me for this as we are still transitioning and realizing how  unsettled we still are after our move. Let’s just say we have about half of our clothes here, basic toiletries, a bed, and kitchen supplies to make meals-eggs purgatory 3 days in a row and going strong. This past Saturday we decided to go for a walk after dinner for the first time since we moved in. It felt great knowing that we could stay out as late as we wanted and only had a 10-15 minute leisurely walk home. It was already 9pm when we left the apartment and both agreed we would have a drink and dessert before we called it a night. Sunday had a full schedule of furniture hunting, dinner with friends at Alibi Room, Ikea trip, and finished with a trip back to my in-laws to see them and our dog. This move has been a huge adjustment for us so we’ve agreed to keep her with my in-laws until we are back to a more functional daily routine.
Whoa talk about side tracked here…Anyway, Saturday night we left the apartment and made our way onto Water St. We stopped by at Black Frog Eatery where I had wine and Darren had a beer. The atmosphere was laid back but my favourite part was the patio. It was open with the perfect view for people watching in Gastown without being in the middle of it, and a view of Canada Place. We didn’t have anything to eat since but will definetly be back.
We knew exactly where we were having dessert that night. I heard about Soft Peaks when I was in culinary school. We took a day trip around downtown to see different aspects of the food industry- hotels, convention centres, and local restaurants. Our trip ended in Gastown where I overheard some of my classmates raving about Soft Peaks. When I heard it described as “really good soft serve” I quickly jumped to the conclusion I wouldn’t be interested and boy was I wrong!
Since then, I’ve seen line-ups outside of Soft Peaks on a regular basis and the streets flooded with tourists and locals with this soft serve in had. So when we saw that there wasn’t a wait that night we jumped at the opportunity.  It’s quiet funny how clueless both of us looked when we walked in. The girl behind the counter immediately knew this was our first time. She explained the two options of chocolate and their version of vanilla; chocolate was chocolate and vanilla was less sweeter than artificially flavoured vanilla and man was she right.
**I went home and read a little bit about them and found out they use Avalon Organic Milk. If you’ve never tried Avalon Milk stop reading and go get a some. It’s available at most grocery stores in Vancouver (all the grocery stores I’ve been too here) and it is the most luscious milk you’ve ever tasted- perfect when you want to indulge with a dessert or just have on it’s own!**
Both Darren and I chose a vanilla based soft serve, and if you want to talk about real milk based ice-cream this is it! It taste like pure simple ice cream. No added flavors or crazy over the top sweetness. I don’t think I even need to try the chocolate because I was instantly hooked on the vanilla.
img_20160709_220013.jpgI went for the Salty Himalayan. I knew Darren would get some sort of chocolate so I went for something a little different. The pink himalayan sea salt went really well with the soft serve, but it was the choice of adding caramel that took it to the next level. The Salty Himalayan comes with your choice of 1 syrup and it is hard to resist the perfect pairing of salt and caramel, although this was a luxurious version of that. I again was reminded how great the soft serve was in all its simple glory when I tried it with the caramel. The sweet surgery caramel brought enough sweetness to the entire cup. Just enough. And when you least expect it you get a tiny punch of salt to make you salivate for another bite. It’s going to take a lot of self control not to go back as much as I would like.
Darren, as I mentioned, went with Mudslide. I also enjoyed trying his but I didn’t feel as though it was anything I hadn’t already had before. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chocolate  and definitely liked how his tasted, but I was eager for another bite of mine. As we received our soft serve I noticed a big chunk of honey comb sitting on behind the counter. I believe it is apart of their Honeycomb Peak which I  think will have to be the next one I try. I love milk and honey and with this soft serve tasting like the perfect frozen cream concoction, there is no doubt I won’t like honey with it.
Ok promise this is the last Gastown Foodie Friday for a while…wait until you see next week!!


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