Sage Flowers

May 28, 2016 0 Comments

The dainty finishing touches to a dish are my favorite whether it be a thin sprig of thyme to a light sprinkle of micro greens on a clean tantalizing dish. It’s easy to reach for green herbs to lay the finishing touches but what about flowers? The elegance an edible flower brings to a dish elevates a dining experience as it presents an element of surprise. I’m always amazed at the flavors of flowers. The delicate onion flavor of chive blossoms 0r the sweetness of rose petals are some of my favorites when setting the precedence of a meal or dessert. So you will believe my excitement when I stumbled across the sage in our yard that had come to bloom.


I immediately had to go in for a taste and the addicting journey of savory to sweet I experienced had me intrigued. The aroma and identical herbaceous taste of it’s green leafy coupling was pleasant but no surprise. However, it was when I discovered the bottom of the blossoms attached to the sepal where I was taken aback by a honey suckle like sweetness. It was in that exact moment I knew these beautiful flowers had to go in a dessert. The palate cleansing like sweetness was as welcome as any dessert after a appetizing meal.


Paring the blossoms with lemon and honey came to mind instantly. I am curious to see how a hint of sea salt will play with all of the flavors so there is only one way to find out! Besides, who says no to dessert anyway? : )


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