Thumbprint Cookies

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Is it weird that when all the stars aligned in our home to make chocolate chip cookies, I opt out. I mean I had the flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate- for once everything in necessary quantities. I guess this means I’m growing up? Don’t let that fool you to think I’ve moved on. I’m still a sit on my couch, chick flick, milk and cookies kind of girl.

Thumbprint Cookies 3

I did, however, feel the urge to try something new. Something different and experimental. I love that my mother in law gets pretty adventurous with trying things I make, and although this is far from really out of this world new, I knew it was something she had never had before. Lately, it’s become my responsibility to bring dessert to family events and every time we go back to see my inlaws to have dinner with them, it’s a pretty universal understanding that we all prefer dinner at home followed by a dessert. I recalled the linzer cookies we would make at school and how terrible I was for prematurely judging them.  I’ve come a long way from my streamline preference for desserts. No fruit, jellies, jams in desserts. That makes it apart of the fruits food group and I was having no part of that. In this case, change was a very good thing. I loved how those little cookies looked like little jewels. The jam would get a sugary glaze against the dusted cookies making them beautiful to look at and even better the eat!

Thumbprint Cookies 4

Thumbprint Cookies 5

As I gathered everything in the kitchen I began to thing about how the few simple ingredients of flour, sugar, butter and eggs mixed in different proportions yields so many different pastries and desserts. It’s pretty amazing if you take a moment to just think about it. While flipping through my pastry binder and simultaneously browsing images on the internet I settled on thumbprint cookies. They were easy, colorful, a blank palate for possibilities, and easy to freeze in different stages. I tend to emphasize this because

1) I am trying to avoid diabetes.
2) batch cooking and baking is awesome when you can utilize your freezer to save things for later.

I decided to try a recipe for thumbprint cookies I found on this blog called The Comfort of Cooking by Georgia.

I regret to say that I diligently scaled out the ingredients to share the metric measurements for this recipe, but my computer decided to drop its connection so as I went to save the recipe, it was deleted. Sorry!

The recipe was great but I took it a step further buy first using a small ice cream scoop to ensure equal sizes of cookies, and I froze the shaped cookies for about 10 minutes before baking. It was a precaution I took to avoid the cookies spreading too much and I was very pleased with how they turned out. Also, by shaping all the cookies at once, I baked what I wanted and froze the rest of for another day. I also tested a batch of dough and froze that in a disk form to thaw, shape, and bake later which worked equally as great. I love options!

Thumbprint Cookies 8

Because I chose to use an orange marmalade as the filling which I filled the cookies with right before I baked them. I wanted them to cookie and spread into the cookies during the entire baking process.  Lastly, a quick drizzle of a chocolate ganache to go on top added a finishing touch. The ganache was a rough mix of 60% chocolate and 40% cream.  I heated the cream to a light boil, added it to the chocolate, and stirred it until the chocolate was completely melted.

Thumbprint Cookies 2

Thumbprint Cookies 7Thumbprint Cookies 6

The cookies turned out light and crumbly, but rich and perfectly sweet. I loved that I wasn’t biting into a overloaded sugary cookie which allows the jam filling take center stage. I saved some of the frozen cookies to try with my blueberry-raspberry jam which I didn’t drizzle with chocolate.

As a side note to cookies, I’m pretty stoked about getting to see my favorite cookie monster in about 3 days! My Dad is obsessed with chocolate chip cookies so I can’t wait to share with him all the fun cookies I learned to make last year in school and spoil the rest of my family with desserts for an entire week. Charlotte- HERE I COME!

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